artisan chocolate almond bark

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Artisan Chocolate Fruit & Nut Barks

Luxurious chocolates.

Ah...there's nothing quite like savoring a wedge of dark or milk chocolate embedded with a generous portion of Almonds, unless it's a wedge with Almonds and Tart Cherries, or Cashews, or Cranberries, or Cashews and Ginger. Chocolate Barks have always been extremely popular in America. What sets our Artisan Chocolate Barks apart from other barks is the quality of chocolate that we use and the quantity of nuts and fruits that we add to that chocolate. Our Barks are crafted in small batches and shipped fresh to you. The flavors of the freshly roasted nuts and fruits complement the richness of our chocolate, giving a fabulous sensory experience.

Each of our Artisan Bark selections arrives in an elegant gift box with a hand-tied ribbon. They're the perfect gift for anyone that loves a little crunch with their chocolate.