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Belgian Chocolates

Considered by many to be the finest chocolates made.

Rose City Chocolatier's mission is to provide you with a chocolate experience that you'll never forget. For many people, that unforgettable experience comes from savoring Belgian chocolates, long considered to be some of the finest chocolates in the world. Chocolate is an art form in Belgium where chocolatiers follow a time-honored tradition of crafting chocolate into exquisite shapes with equally exquisite flavors. In fact, Belgian chocolatiers are credited with inventing the Praline - a confection with a thin chocolate covering, filled with one of a variety of luscious fondant creams, nut creams, fresh butter creams, or other delicacy. Many of these chocolates are created by first crafting an intricate chocolate shell, then filling that shell, and finally sealing the filling inside the shell with a thin layer of chocolate. These are called shell-molded chocolates.

As the popularity of Belgian Chocolates grew, so too did the number of chocolatiers in the country. This led to a great variety of center styles. Today, pralines (the general term for filled chocolates) can be found with Ganache fillings, Hazelnut and other nut paste fillings, Fondant cream centers, Caramel centers, Marzipan fillings, and perhaps the most sought after filling - the Belgian Manon, or fresh cream center. Truffles are considered a distinct type of chocolates, separate from a praline.


Typically called a truffle filling in America, a Ganache is made by melting pure chocolate over heavy cream until velvety smooth. Coffee, flavored liqueur, fruit or other aromas may be added to enhance the flavor profile. Ganache filled chocolates are rich and seductive, with a smooth and intensely chocolate flavor. We have a sophisticated selection of Ganaches including Champagne, Amaretto, Espresso, Caramel, Orange Liqueur, Burnt Caramel, Pear, and more.

Hazelnut Cream & Gianduja

Fine grinding of select hazelnuts produces a creamy nut butter that harmonizes perfectly with milk or dark chocolate. Gianduja (pronounced zhahn-DOO-yuh) is a blend of milk chocolate and hazelnuts ground until smooth and then formed into a luscious paste. We offer tradition hazelnut cream fillings as well as subtlety flavored ones. Hazelnut is by far the most popular flavor for Belgian chocolates.

Belgian Fondant Creams

These are nearly liquid centers crafted by special cooking of sugars and liquid. They are flavored with fruit essences and purees, premium spirits, and other heavenly flavors. Our selections include the traditional Vanilla Cream, Lemon and Mandarin creams, Cointreau, Irish Coffee, a refreshing Mint cream, and a fresh from the fields Strawberry cream.

Belgian Caramels

Belgian caramels differ from American caramels in that the Belgian caramel is almost liquid. Made from butter and cream, it flows gently from its chocolate shell. We offer the traditional Belgian caramel in the form of the Grand Place. For those of you who love caramels in all incantations, you'll also find a cappuccino caramel, a raspberry caramel, and a hazelnut caramel.

Then Manon (fresh cream chocolates)

Belgium is famous for these stunning fresh chocolates made with fresh butter and cream. The Manon filling is whipped to create the most unbelievably light, ephemeral center. Traditionally Manons are delicately flavored with coffee, vanilla, chocolate or raspberry. We offer other varieties, too. These chocolates are so light, so fresh, and so wonderful!

Cocoa Truffles

Tradition has it that these chocolates were named for their resemblance to the prized truffle fungus. They are delicate nuggets and still made carefully by hand. The center is a rich chocolate and cream mixture that is hand-rolled and then coated in dark or milk chocolate and dusted in fine cocoa powder or chocolate flakes. These little delicacies literally melt in your mouth.

Vegan Chocolates

For those of you who cannot have dairy products, or who choose to avoid products made with animal-derived ingredients, you'll find an excellent selection with Rose City's Vegan Chocolates. Many of our traditional recipes do not call for milk or cream. These include our dark chocolate Hazelnut Heart, our Marzipans, Cordial Cherry, Creams such as Vanilla, Lemon, Mandarin, Cointreau and Strawberry, and a number of other wonderful chocolates. The sugar used in these chocolates is beet sugar or raw sugar. We never use bone-char sugar in our vegan confections. In addition to being Cruelty-Free, many prefer the intensity of our Vegan Chocolates.

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