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Vegan Chocolates

Many of Rose City's chocolates are perfect for strict Vegans. Our Vegan chocolates are made from ingredients that are not sourced from animals or animal products. This means that we use no dairy products or derivatives, no honey, no gelatin, or other ingredients (many not widely recognized) which are of animal origin. See our allergen statement. Further, we use no bone-char granulated sugar.

Dairy Products

Rose City's Vegan chocolates are made without dairy products as ingredients. The chocolate used to created the candies is produced on equipment that is also used to make milk chocolate, and our candies are produced and packaged in a facility that also processes dairy ingredients or packages products containing dairy ingredients. All of our products come with an allergen statement to this effect. See below for the complete statement. If you have any questions about a particular product, please email or call us, and we will be glad to answer any questions about our ingredients.


The chocolate used in crafting Rose City's chocolates is not made with processed cane sugar; it is either raw sugar or beet sugar. The same is true for any sugar that is used in crafting our chocolate fillings. The reason for this is that in producing granulated sugar from sugar cane there is a filtration step that may use animal bone-char as the filtering agent. Raw sugar or sugar that is made from sugar beets does not undergo this step. A search on the internet using the words Vegan Cane Sugar will bring up many interesting articles on sugar production as it relates to a Vegan diet.

In the United States, approximately half of the granulated sugar produced comes from cane and the rest is from beets. It is almost impossible to know which is which. In Belgium, the sugar comes from beets, so these candies are suitable for use by a Vegan. For the chocolates that we ourselves craft here in the Rose City facility, we use an Organic Chocolate sweetened with Evaporated Cane Juice, and we use Evaporated Cane Juice or Raw Sugar to sweeten the centers. We use separate equipment to create our Vegan Chocolates.

If you are new to Vegan Chocolates, you can be assured that by choosing Vegan selections from Rose City Chocolates, you will not have to sacrifice taste or quality to enjoy exquisite Vegan chocolates. Many of our Vegan customers prefer Rose City Chocolates over other Vegan confections because we make no compromises in creating these confections. See each of our individual Vegan Chocolates here.

Shopping Vegan on Rose City Chocolates

We have taken great care in the design of our Rose City Chocolates web site so that you can be assured that you are selecting a Vegan item. The menu system and site links are designed to encourage you to shop by Vegan or non-Vegan products. The Vegan pages all have the word "Vegan" in the title, and each item on the site and in our shopping cart has the word "Vegan" in the title. If you have any questions about a particular item, send an email to us and we'll be glad to assist you in your selection.

Allergen Statement

All of our products carry this allergen statement: Made or packaged in a facility that uses peanut butter, tree nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews), milk, soy, and wheat flour.

Please do not consume our products if you allergic to these ingredients.

Rose City Chocolatier Customer Alert
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