Belgian Bunny Collection

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1 large (7 ½" tall) hollow Belgian Chocolate Easter bunny (7 oz) and 7 petite hollow Easter figures – each wrapped in cello and tied with ribbon. These make perfect little Easter gifts.

Belgian Chocolate Easter Bunny Collection Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate (19 oz).

Kimnba L.

I got a box of the 'World's Best Vegan Cordial Cherries' for Valentine's Day. They were better than I remember any milk chocolate cherries ever being. I took a couple to my Dad, who has enjoyed chocolate cherries for more than 60 years. He isn’t vegan but wants more just because they are so good. They have a deep chocolate taste with a light cherry center. The chocolate is a great thickness and has a nice lasting aftertaste. I was rationing them until I discovered that there were two layers to the box (32 piece box). They are luscious.

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