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Belgian Mother's Day Floral Tapestry

66 pc (37 oz) - $68.95

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Indulge your Mom with this beautiful floral tapestry tote. We start with 24 pieces of our Belgian Selection including creams (strawberry, lemon, french vanilla, cointreau), marzipan, rich ganaches, hazelnut selections, cordial cherries and more. Then we add a gift box containing 16 of our Belgian Cocoa Truffles, a sleeve of 5 refreshing mints, a second sleeve of marzipan, a gift box of 4 Belgian Jellies, and a gift box of 12 Nut Clusters. Your Mom will find many days of enjoyment with this lovely gift.

Belgian Chocolate Mother's Day Floral Tapestry 66 pieces (37 oz).

Sandra H., TX

We ordered the Chocolate of the Month package for my mother in law for Christmas. She is so excited to receive every month's order and looks forward to her mail coming. Besides the delicious chocolate, she is really impressed by the way the package is wrapped and decorated. When the chocolates arrive, she calls and says the package is so pretty she really hates to open it but common sense takes over and she dives right into all those wonderful chocolates.

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