Belgian Mother's Day Floral Tapestry

60 pc (34 oz) - $68.95

Indulge your Mom with this beautiful floral tapestry tote. We start with 20 pieces of our Belgian Selection including creams (strawberry, lemon, french vanilla, cointreau), marzipan, rich ganaches, hazelnut selections, cordial cherries and more. Then we add a gift box containing 16 of our Belgian Cocoa Truffles, a sleeve of 5 refreshing mints, a second sleeve of marzipan, a gift box of 4 Belgian Jellies, and a gift box of 10 Artisan Nut Clusters. Your Mom will find many days of enjoyment with this lovely gift.

Belgian Chocolate Mother's Day Floral Tapestry 60 pieces (34 oz).

Ann R., WA

I'm allergic to dairy and have been craving real, creamy vegan chocolate assorted candies for years and when I found Rose City Chocolates I had to give them a try. Oh man, am I glad I did. Every bite melted in my mouth and left me begging for more. Before I knew it they were all gone. They were absolutely scrumptious and hard to believe that they were vegan. I'm so happy to have found Rose City Chocolates. I would have to say they make the best vegan chocolates I have ever had.

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