Vegan Chocolate Holly Jolly Tower

61 pc (35 oz) - $72.95

A festive, gold and holly gift wrapped stack filled to the brim with a generous assortment of rich, luscious, vegan chocolates.

The lucky recipient will find silky smooth vegan creams (strawberry, lemon, mandarin, mint, vanilla), rich intense vegan ganaches, marzipan, cordial cherries, wonderful hazelnut filled delights. Each piece is artfully crafted, wonderfully flavored, and most assuredly vegan. Surely there is someone on your list who would be thrilled to encounter the wonders of rich, vegan chocolates.

What’s Inside ...

25 pc Vegan Signature Assortment (Gold gift box)
32 pc (set of 2 boxes of 16 ea) Vegan Signature Assortment (Holly gift wrapped)
4 pc Vegan Cordial Cherries (gold gift box)
Tied with a festive red ribbon

Erin D AK.

I just wanted to comment that since going Vegan we have missed out on a lot of the cute little box of chocolates for special events, but when my husband got me the Mother's Day Vegan Selection last month, it truly was the best chocolate I had ever had, vegan or otherwise. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product, it really does help us celebrate life's milestones, like parenthood, and indulge in a way that we had missed out on for a while.