Vegan Chocolate Poinsettia Canister

47 pc (29 oz) - $54.95

Make a lasting impression. Give this eye-catching and elegant Poinsettia canister containing a carefully selected sumptuous collection of our finest Vegan chocolates.

This makes a very impressive gift for an important client, a much-loved family, or one very, very special person. You'll be remembered long after each of these chocolates have been savored.

This collection is comprised of a wondrous array of chocolates ranging from fresh fruit creams such as strawberry and mandarin, to rich intense ganaches of chocolate and espresso, pistachio marzipan, smooth hazelnut creams, cordial cherries, refreshing silky mint creams and oh so many more - and all vegan!. This gift is an exquisite introduction to the finest Vegan chocolates in the world. Even the most sophisticated of chocolate connoisseurs will be impressed.

What’s Inside ...

2 - 8 pc Merry Christmas Boxes
1 Vegan Chocolate Santa
2 - 5 pc Sleeves Vegan Christmas Miniatures
10 pc Bag of Vegan Nut Clusters
5 pc Sleeve of Vegan Truffles Genevieve
5 pc Sleeve of Vegan Chocolate Cordial Cherries

Steve P.

Rose City Chocolates are simply the best vegan chocolates I've ever tried, and I've tried MANY! A rich variety of decadent flavors at a very reasonable price makes them a special treat for the family. We don't fight over who gets which pieces, since they're all so good. My wife won't let me buy her anything less for Valentine's Day each year.

Ingredients and Allergen Statement