Vegan Chocolate Stocking Stack

42 pc (25 oz) - $47.95

Vegan chocolate whimsy! Brighten someone's Christmas with this whimsical (and oh so delicious) 42 pc vegan chocolate collection.

Our whimsical Stuffed Stocking sits atop 2 gold gift boxes containing a selection of our finest vegan chocolates. Tucked inside the stocking is a 5 pc sleeve of wonderful vegan chocolate Christmas miniatures. Perhaps you'll share one box and hide the second and the stocking for your secret enjoyment. Whether your list for Santa includes vegan chocolate marzipan, espresso Ganache, fresh fruit creams, crunchy nut clusters, or any of our other fabulous vegan chocolates, you'll find it nestled in these festive gift boxes. Our stocking is made from vegan materials and would look so sweet hanging from your Christmas tree. Stockings are assorted styles.

Brandon C. WA

These chocolates are amazing and the best thing about it, other than their delectable flavor, is there is no dairy! You will love these Vegan Chocolates, I know I do. YOu may not be Vegan ... yet ... but you can still enjoy these amazing sweets

Ingredients and Allergen Statement