Vegan Happy Easter Gift Set

Standard Gift Set 32 oz - $54.95

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Deluxe Gift Set 43 oz - $64.95

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This gift is available in 2 sizes - the Standard Easter Gift Set or the Deluxe Easter Gift set, both containing a wondrous array of vegan chocolates. In each, the bottom deep purple box is filled with our Vegan Chocolate Signature Selection (32 pcs in the Gift Set and 52 pcs in the Deluxe Gift Set), 6 delicious vegan hazelnut mini eggs, and Dapper Dan - our adorable hollow vegan chocolate Easter duck.

On top of the deep purple gift box is a Happy Easter Box filled with 4 petite Vegan eggs (2 of Maple Cream and 1 each of Pomegranate Truffle and Peanut Butter), and 8 Vegan Easter miniatures (a combination of hazelnut minis and solid chocolate mini bunnies).

Our signature selection includes vegan ganaches, light and luscious vegan fruit creams (mandarin, lemon, strawberry), vegan marzipan, cordial cherries, and vegan hazelnut creams and crisps. You're sure to find your favorites in this selection.

Vegan Chocolate Happy Easter Gift Set (32 oz).
Vegan Chocolate Deluxe Happy Easter Gift Set (43 oz)

What’s Inside ...

Happy Easter Gift Set:
Vegan Chocolate Signature Selection (32 pcs in Standard Gift Set, 52 pcs in Deluxe Gift Set)
6 Vegan Hazelnut Mini Eggs
8 Vegan Chocolate Easter Minis (hazelnut and solid chocolate mini bunnies)
1 Vegan Chocolate Hollow Molded Dapper Duck
4 Petite Vegan Eggs - 1 Pomegranate Truffle, 1 Peanut Butter, and 2 Maple Cream.

Brandon C. WA

These chocolates are amazing and the best thing about it, other than their delectable flavor, is there is no dairy! You will love these Vegan Chocolates, I know I do. YOu may not be Vegan ... yet ... but you can still enjoy these amazing sweets

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