Vegan Holiday Treasures

31 oz - $63.95

Make a lasting impression. Give this eye-catching and elegant gift set containing a carefully selected sumptuous collection of our finest Vegan chocolates.

This collection starts with a gold gift box filled with a wondrous array of 25 Vegan chocolates ranging from fresh fruit creams such as strawberry and mandarin, to rich intense ganaches of chocolate and espresso, pistachio marzipan, smooth hazelnut creams, cordial cherries, refreshing silky mint creams and oh so many more. Completing the collection is a 2nd gift box containing 4 Petite Holly gift boxes each filled with vegan chocolates treasures (vegan mints, vegan marzipan, vegan Truffles Genevieve, vegan nut clusters). It's completed with 4 Vegan cordial cherries, 6 Vegan Christmas miniatures, and a 3.7 oz Vegan Solid Organic Chocolate Santa. This gift is an exquisite introduction to the finest Vegan chocolates in the world. Even the most sophisticated of chocolate connoisseurs will be impressed.

Net Weight: 31 oz

What’s Inside ...

25 piece Vegan Signature Assortment
4 piece Vegan Cherry Cordials
3 piece Vegan Truffles Genevieve
6 Christmas Miniatures
3 Vegan Nut Clusters
4 Vegan Marzipan
1 Vegan Organic Solid Dark Chocolate Santa

Kellie C CO.

Wanted to say that my mom got her Vegan Mother's Day chocolates today and loved them. She said they were beautifully wrapped and looked very posh, which she liked. Thanks for sending them so quickly, too!