Vegan Love Boat

57 pc (2 lb) - $63.95

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The hold of the Love Boat is packed with hidden treasure. It comes with 9 boxes filled with the most wonderful vegan chocolates. Included are 1 - 16 piece box and 2 - 8 piece boxes of our Signature Vegan Chocolate selection which contains vegan creams (lemon, strawberry, French vanilla, mandarin, Cointreau, mint), vegan ganaches, a cherry cordial, rich hazelnut creams, marzipan and more. Dig deeper and you'll find a 6 piece box of our vegan Orange Peel, a gift sleeve of 2 large vegan chocolate covered pretzels, a 3 pc box of our vegan chocolate nut clusters, a 4 pc box of vegan marzipan, and two 5 piece sleeves of Vegan Cordial Cherries.

What’s Inside ...

1 - 16 pc Vegan Selection
2 - 8 pc Vegan Selection
6 pc Vegan Orange Peel
2 pc Vegan Chocolate covered Pretzels
3 pc Vegan Nut Cluster
4 pc Vegan Marzipan
2 - 5 pc Vegan Cordial Cherries

Kellie C CO.

Wanted to say that my mom got her Vegan Mother's Day chocolates today and loved them. She said they were beautifully wrapped and looked very posh, which she liked. Thanks for sending them so quickly, too!

Ingredients and Allergen Statement