Vegan Love Boat

57 pc (2 lb) - $63.95

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The hold of the Love Boat is packed with hidden treasure. It comes with 9 boxes filled with the most wonderful vegan chocolates. Included are 1 - 16 piece box and 2 - 8 piece boxes of our Signature Vegan Chocolate selection which contains vegan creams (lemon, strawberry, French vanilla, mandarin, Cointreau, mint), vegan ganaches, a cherry cordial, rich hazelnut creams, marzipan and more. Dig deeper and you'll find a 6 piece box of our vegan Orange Peel, a gift sleeve of 2 large vegan chocolate covered pretzels, a 3 pc box of our vegan chocolate nut clusters, a 4 pc box of vegan marzipan, and two 5 piece sleeves of Vegan Cordial Cherries.

What’s Inside ...

1 - 16 pc Vegan Selection
2 - 8 pc Vegan Selection
6 pc Vegan Orange Peel
2 pc Vegan Chocolate covered Pretzels
3 pc Vegan Nut Cluster
4 pc Vegan Marzipan
2 - 5 pc Vegan Cordial Cherries

Linda B, Warwick, NY

I'm strict vegan and thought I'd try these chocolates, having tried just about everything else out there. I bought the Chocolate Truffles Genevieve and the Caffeine Crunch Clusters--they truly are the best vegan chocolates I have ever enjoyed. Rich dark chocolate and exquisite flavor, they are absolutely the best. By far. What a wonderful discovery!

Ingredients and Allergen Statement