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Vegan Mother's Day Floral Tapestry

66 pc (37 oz) - $68.95

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Indulge your Mom with this beautiful floral tapestry tote. We start with 24 pieces of our Vegan Selection including vegan creams (strawberry, lemon, french vanilla, cointreau), vegan marzipan, vegan brasero coffee ganache, vegan hazelnut selections, vegan cordial cherries and more. Then we add a gift box containing 16 of our rich Vegan Truffles Genevieve, a sleeve of 5 vegan mints, a second sleeve of Vegan Marzipan, a gift box of 4 Vegan Jellies, and a gift box of 12 Vegan Nut Clusters. Your Mom will find many days of enjoyment with this lovely gift.

Vegan Chocolate Mother's Day Floral Tapestry 66 pieces (37 oz).

What’s Inside ...

24 pc Vegan Selection
16 pc Truffles Genevieve
5pc Sleeve Vegan Mints
5pc Sleeve Vegan Marzipan
4 Vegan Jellies
12 Vegan Nut Clusters

Brandt B.

Rose City Chocolates are hands down the best packaged vegan chocolates on the Net. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast, and they taste great

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