Vegan Petite Eggs

Assorted Eggs - $20.95

Item is sold out.

Peanut Butter Eggs - $20.95

Item is sold out.

Easter isn't complete without an Easter egg - vegan, of course. You asked for them so we've added a gift box of adorable and absolutely delicious petite vegan chocolate Easter eggs. Each egg is wrapped in a colorful foil and weighs almost 2 oz - perfect to tuck into a basket or use as a place setting. Also included are 2 Vegan Mini Hazelnut Eggs. The box of Petite Vegan Eggs makes a great Easter gift.

For Peanut Butter lovers, we offer a box filled with 6 Peanut Butter petite eggs (and 2 mini hazelnut eggs). PEANUT BUTTER pack is SOLD OUT

Our Assorted Box of 6 petite eggs includes Vegan Maple Cream (2), Vegan Black Raspberry Cream (2), Vegan Pomegranate Truffle (1), and Vegan Peanut Butter (1) (and 2 mini hazelnut eggs) - (12 oz total).

Our Peanut Butter box contains 6 Vegan Chocolate Petite Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (and 2 mini hazelnut eggs) - (12 oz total).

Maureen M.

The chocolates I received were fabulous so much so that they didn't last very long - my husband and I devoured them. Amazing to think they're vegan! I also received prompt service - thanks for being there.