Vegan Petite Eggs

7 eggs Peanut Butter - $19.95

Easter isn't complete without an Easter egg - vegan, of course. You asked for them so we've added a gift box of adorable and absolutely delicious petite vegan chocolate Easter eggs. Each egg weighs almost 2 oz and is perfect to tuck into a basket or use as a place setting. Also included are 2 Vegan Mini Hazelnut Foiled Eggs. The box of Petite Vegan Eggs makes a great Easter gift. It's tied with a festive Easter egg themed ribbon.

For Peanut Butter lovers, we offer a box filled with 7 Peanut Butter petite eggs (and 2 mini foiled hazelnut eggs).

ASSORTED BOX IS SOLD OUT. Our Assorted Box included Vegan Maple Cream (3), Vegan Black Raspberry Cream (2), Vegan Pomegranate Truffle (1) and Vegan Peanut Butter (1) petite eggs (and 2 mini foiled hazelnut eggs).

Vegan Chocolate Petite Peanut Butter Easter Eggs - 7 eggs (12.5 oz).

Margaret P 10/2015

I just wanted to say that I love the new checkout software that you have on your website. It's very easy to use. I can ship to multiple addresses at once, and even make changes without having to re-enter any information. It's really great! Thank-you!

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