Vegan Tower of Love

57 pc (1 lb 15 oz) - $63.95

Cupid's arrow, aimed at a vegan chocolate lover, hits the mark with this gift! The lucky recipient of this stack will find 57 luscious Vegan chocolates lovingly nestled in these 3 beautiful Valentine boxes, tied with a luxurious ribbon. The set contains a wonderful assortment of vegan chocolates - creams, ganaches, truffles, nut clusters, marzipan, mints, cordial cherries, hazelnut creams, and more - each piece deliciously vegan. Long after the chocolates have been savored, the petite Victorian collectible heart box will serve as a reminder of your love.

What’s Inside ...

32 Piece Vegan Signature Assortment
16 piece Vegan Truffles Genevieve
9 piece Vegan Signature Assortment Heart

Tanja H

These are the best vegan chocolates I have had so far! Thank you sooooo much!